Pierre Marcolini Unveils Luxury Chocolate Eggs and Easter 2011 Creations

Easter is the yummiest feast of all and Pierre Marcolini makes it elegant as well as delicious with the new Chocolate Eggs, cakes and treats created for Easter 2011.

                                  Pierre Marcolini Chocolate Box

Yann Pennor’s has designed a stylish Flat Egg, a sort of low relief to the glory of the Easter egg, which exalts the best cocoa through Marcolini’s dark chocolate with tiny chips of nougat praline: to be eaten with the fingers.

                             Pierre Marcolini Flat Egg

Pierre Marcolini’s Easter cake for six (or just for one) has also taken the seasonal egg shape. Shades of a famous black chicken in his silly eggshell hat, grumbling that “life’s not fair!” Decorated in red or orange, it combines a light base mixed with sugar-free milk chocolate mousse, and a passion-fruit cream and apricot jam, or a soft chocolate sponge mixed with Cuban dark chocolate mousse and caramel panna cotta. The Easter chocolates collection is now available from Pierre Marcolini’s luxury chocolate boutique.



The Easter basket for the great Easter egg hunt with its feathery handle is already filled with an assortment of hollow or praline chocolate eggs.


A quaint hybrid of Easter icons, the egg with bunny’s ears springs from Belgian designer Charles Kaisin’s imagination, fortunately still infused with the poetry of childhood.

Produced as a loveable pair by Pierre Marcolini, the funny animal is filled with twenty delicious little eggs made from old-fashioned praline, pistachio praline, double milk chocolate, nougat or Slovene almond praline.

 Pierre Marcolini Easter Egg with Bunny Ears

The Easter bells have just dropped in from Rome as delectable lemon-flavoured morsels with a superb texture contrast between soft, airy marshmallow and the delicate crack of chocolate.

                             Pierre Marcolini Easter Chocolate Bells

In short, a range of seasonal specialities to delight the eye and tickle the palate of big and small alike.Browse all luxury chocolate gift boxes on Pierre Marcolini’s e-boutique website.


                                                 Irreproachable Ethics


 For the last 10 years Pierre Marcolini has been committed to reconciling ethics and quality, because they obviously go hand-in-hand.

Top quality is the culmination of a moral chain in which each link strives to do better.

Good soil will give good trees which, tended by happy farmers, will produce sumptuous cocoa beans, which in turn can be elegantly worked to produce great chocolate. That is the world of craftsmanship as seen by Pierre Marcolini. Perfection is bewitchingly attractive, out of reach but irresistible, and that is why Pierre Marcolini would like to charm by offering a simple shape loaded with sensations.

Among the various ingredients used, there are roasted cocoa beans from Peru, Cuba and Ecuador, Cocoa Nibs from Mexico, Almonds from Slovenia, Hazelnuts from Piedmont, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Cream powder and Pistachio Nuts from Iran.

After years of research, Pierre Marcolini has developed a system for delivering chocolates to customers at home in perfect condition as they would find them in Pierre Marcolini’s stores. For all those who for one reason or another cannot go to the stores, the Pierre Marcolini e-boutique is the online place where Easter products and a vast range of chocolates can be ordered online. On the site is also possible to create a personalized box of chocolate or pick your favourite taste out of our online chocolate shop suggestions of fine chocolate: customers can choose the box and select the trays. The products can be shipped to Belgium, France and England.

Pierre Marcolini’s products are also available in Selfridges, London.

On the official Pierre Marcolini site is also possible to subscribe to the Electronic Newspaper, and for more promotions, news and updates the maison is also both on the Official Facebook Page and Twitter